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Stick Em Up

March 26, 2010

I need to tell you about a 30 min period of time today that was rather comical.  It all started when we realized that the truck had about 4 $1 bills left, not great.  We had just finished a 50 taco catering order and were on our way to deliver for 12 noon.  Our plan was to drop off the food, go to the bank and grab lunch before returning back to work.  The delivery was silky smooth… Jeff gracefully took out and folded the taco labels while I artfully laid out the taco trays on the table.  Our customer was so impressed that they instantly booked us again for Monday!  By the way we do office lunches and other catered events (shameless plug).

Now to the fun part.  With our large delivery hot bags in hand Jeff and I walked to TD Bank to get change for the truck.  As we walked in we noticed some hesitant looks and apprehension amongst the customers.  I know we are a sight to see but these looks were downright awkward.  Then it hit me… in TD Bank, standing in line waiting for the teller these two white boys were about to rob a bank (or so people thought).  We completely looked like bank robbers with huge bags just waiting to be filled with endless amounts of cash.  A couple chuckles later and some real weird interactions with the teller and “the taco guys” went to support the other local food trucks.

Since we are rarely down near 38th street we figured we would grab lunch at Kim’s truck.  We were the only people in line that spoke english and thank god I knew what I wanted because I’ve never seen so many options on a menu before.  While waiting for my food I had a great laugh at the verbiage on the menu… Moushroom Bam Booshoots!  Over and over again I couldn’t stop saying Moushroom Bam Booshoots!  Try it for yourself, it gets funnier every time.  Talk to you soon.

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